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Music Supervision and Sync Licensing

Curved Arrow is a boutique Music Supervision company, who provide creative music searches and assured licence negotiation for Advertising.

We are a compact, focused team, which allows us to work with our clients on an individual basis, and gives us the ability to spend time negotiating with rights holders to ensure we get the best result for our clients, both creatively and financially.

Music Supervisors Lisa McCaffery and Oliver Jay have built up strong relationships with an extensive list of Publishers and Record Labels over the years. We are constantly looking to optimise relationships with rights holders, from major players to emerging talents, ensuring we have access to music from upcoming artists, niche catalogues and heritage tracks.

Additionally, we have a huge advantage in having access to the composers/arrangers at our sister-company Mcasso’s studios, giving us the ability to re-record well known tracks at very short notice, enabling clients to explore new arrangements which cost significantly less than using the original Master.

Lisa has been involved with music all her life in one guise or another and enjoys tuning into and interpreting musical requirements for all types of different projects. She also enjoys tracking down rights owners for more obscure works that have gone under the digital radar.

Oliver has always been passionate about music, with a relentless interest across all genres and eras. Apart from listening to his own very extensive collection he is constantly searching for new and interesting artists to add to it. Oliver also enjoys the complexities the legal aspects of Sync Licensing involves, and the attention to detail required.

Together their varied interests and experience result in an effective, speedy and conscientious team who take pride in resolving all musical conundrums.


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