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Music Supervision and Sync Licensing

Curved Arrow is an award winning Music Supervision company, specialising in managing the music licensing process for commercial projects.

Our Music Consultancy Services: 

We provide a full music consultancy, and can manage all aspects of music licensing as we guide clients through the potentially complex process.

Creative Music Search

Finding the the perfect piece of music for your project can be challenging. We are able to perform a Creative Music Search to provide solutions. Our tailored selection takes into account both creative and budgetary aspects in order to find the perfect track.

As a team, we have an incredibly broad range of music knowledge, which alongside our close contacts across the music industry means we are able to help with any style, era or demographic. 

As part of this process, we can investigate costs for all necessary rights, establish track availability and confirm previous usages of the tracks being considered.

Music Licensing Management

When you know what piece of music you're looking to license, we are able to manage the full music licensing process including establishing copyright ownership, negotiating costs and guiding clients through the approval stages.

Throughout the process, we are able to advise on all aspects from timescales, budgetary concerns and the various rights which need to be cleared.

Re-Record Options

Should you wish to consider creating a cover version / arrangement, we work closely with our sister company Mcasso, giving us the ability to re-record tracks at very short notice, enabling clients to explore new arrangements which can benefit the project creatively and significantly reduce the total licensing fee.

Our Team

Lisa and Oliver have worked together for 10+ years licensing music for an incredibly diverse range of projects. 

Lisa McCaffery

Lisa has licensed music for 30+ years and has been involved with music all her life. With a musical knowledge that spans many eras, she has licensed tracks ranging from upcoming to high-profile artists and has dealt with an infinite variety of issues within music licensing. She particularly enjoys tracking down the rights for more obscure tracks.

Oliver Jay

Oliver has licensed music for 10+ years and is an expert in music copyright with the forensic attention to detail required for all legal aspects of sync licensing. He specialises in working on complex projects whilst ensuring the process is as straightforward as possible for clients, and has a relentless interest in music across all genres and eras.


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