Not A Pet

Every year 300 cheetahs cubs are stolen from the wild. For every 5 cubs taken, only 1 will survive. 

With only 7,500 cheetahs remaining in the wild, the world’s fastest mammals are in critical danger.

The documentary film ‘Not A Pet’ is raising awareness to stop trafficking, poaching and the demand for exotic animals as pets - with the owning of cheetahs being seen as a symbol of high status, and flaunted across social media.

Written and produced by Andrea Walji, and co-directed by Andrea Walji and Jack Wylson, the film highlights the cruelty the Cheetahs will face once stolen from the wild and forced into the illegal pet trade, rendering it impossible for them to return to the wild.

Mcasso’s Richard Atkinson and Tom Martin worked closely with The Big Sky and Triangle Monday to respectively compose the full score, and perform all Sound Design for the film.

The film will be premiering at the renowned Jackson Wild Film Festival having been shortlisted for ‘Best Micro-Movie Film’.


  • Writer and Producer Andrea Walji
  • Directors Andrea Walji & Jack Wylson
  • Production Company Triangle Monday
  • Composer Richard Atkinson
  • Sound Design Tom Martin
  • Awards Shortlist: ‘Best Micro-Movie Film’ Jackson Wild Film Festival
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