Simon's Cat: Off To The Vet

We feel privileged to have been part of the team behind the first ever full colour production of ‘Simon’s Cat’ following a successful Kickstarter Campaign to fund ‘Off To The Vet’.

We worked with ‘Simon’s Cat’ creator Simon Tofield over a period of months with respect to all audio aspects to the film. This included the composition of an original theme, incidental music, sound effects, Foley and Audio Post Production.

Working for Mcasso, Stuart Hancock composed the original theme and incidental music, using a variety of orchestral instruments to character themes and heighten the playfulness or tension, where necessary.

Original sound effects and foley were created and recorded by Mcasso’s Dave Reynaud and Tom Martin, working alongside Simon, who records all the different character voices in the film. You can find out more in the Behind the Scenes films below.

  • Director Simon Tofield
  • Film Simon's Cat 'Off To The Vet'
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