The Car

'The Electric Car' is now 'The Car'.

With electric cars having become part of everyday life, Go Ultra Low, a joint venture between the government and automotive industry, called upon Now and 1stAveMachine's Bob Partington to encourage even more people to go electric.

‘The Car’ campaign illustrates electric vehicles doing everything less efficient cars can. By removing the word ‘electric’ in visually engaging yet everyday scenarios, people can start to feel more confident about switching to electric.

Now asked Mcasso's Sam Worskett to arrange and produce a contemporary soundalike re-record of Gary Numan's 'Cars', whilst Curved Arrow worked as Music Supervisors to clear the rights for the usage.

  • Client Go Ultra Low
  • Agency Now
  • Director Bob Partington
  • Music Arrangement and Production Sam Worskett
  • Music Supervision Lisa McCaffery and Oliver Jay
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